Development Producer

Alana Tiernan


Alana joined the team in 2017 and has helped develop the BAFTA-nominated Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip series (ITV), The Savoy (ITV), Next Level Chef (FOX / ITV), Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars series (BBC1 / FOX) and Trailblazers (BBC2) where she assisted on location in Colorado, and many more. Her primary focus is on selling bold, returnable formats visually and tonally, editing all sizzle tapes across LA and London.

She was selected to join BAFTA x Connect in 2022 as well as Edinburgh’s C4 / BBC-funded NFTS Female Self-shooter course. In November, she directed her first short documentary with an all-female crew fronted by Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Holly, on the topic of sexual assault, Holly Ramsay: The Talk, as part of the company’s CSR activity.

Outside TV, she has worked on various films and commercials including editing the opening sequence and 2nd Assistant Directing on Grimsby-based indie film Three Day Millionaire (NETFLIX Top 5 UK Film). Alana has previously 2nd AD'd on several feature films and production managed a £150k feature at age 21. She has produced various shorts and cut her teeth on the set of Emmerdale (ITV) in Leeds, where she grew up.

She’s a proud northerner passionate about telling female-led stories, is an advocate for promoting women in the industry both on and off screen and mentors two younger women currently breaking into the industry.