Keane O'Neil


I'm so excited to have been chosen to undertake this year's traineeship scheme at Studio Ramsay Global! I've always had a strong interest in the arts (tv, music, film, theatre) from a young age, as well as cooking from home, going to nice restaurants with friends and family, and attending concerts. The following year is going to be so rewarding for me - I cannot wait to be shown and dive into the different sections Studio Ramsay have to offer; gaining the knowledge and experience in areas I have no idea about. I'm most excited about pre-production, on shoot and production management opportunities that may arise over the next 12 months. These are the areas I'm drawn to the most - but that's the beauty of this scheme, being allowed to have a taste of what each role has to offer - to fully understand how the industry and Studio Ramsay Global operate to create successful programmes our audiences enjoy watching.