Reece Oyeleye


I was born in Hackney, east London and from Nigeria. I have always had a passion for film and television. I’m obsessed with animation, dramas and I’ve probably seen every superhero movie you can name (we shall not include DC for obvious reasons). I take pride in being able to name actor/actresses off the top of my head. I started in performing arts as a kid and I rebelled against it as I started to grow up, I just I wanted to chill with friends and I didn’t want to give up all my weekends. Over the years, I began to write my ideas down and realised that what you run from is exactly what you end up chasing. My creativity intensified during the pandemic, I started to notice little details in TV shows and films and how much work it takes to get a TV show together. I started writing little pieces and shadow writing for a friend and realised this has always been my passion.

During this internship I would like to shadow professionals and learn vital information for the future in TV / Film. I want to be able to take small ideas and make them into something beautiful. I want to share and gain knowledge with others. I want to offer support wherever I can and continuously prove that I was the right choice to make.