ITV Pickups Studio Ramsay Produced Gino D’Acampo Series

ITV has picked up Gordon, Gino and Fred star Gino D'Acampo series Gino and Family’s Italian Adventure which will see the Italian chef on a journey with his family through his upbringing and love of food.

Produced by Studio Ramsay, the 7x30 show will see Gino rediscovering the places and the flavours that shaped him and inspired him to become a chef while sharing them with his family as they immerse themselves in a dynamic Italian adventure. This is a tour of all that Gino loves most dearly about Southern Italy - revealing its food, culture and stunning locations.

Featuring Gino, his wife and their three children, plus in-laws, each episode will take all memebers out of their comfort zone and propel the chef and members of his family into experiencing the secrets of vibrant Italian cuisine.

Born and raised in England, Gino’s children visit Sardinia every summer on holiday, but the family rarely ventures further. In this new series, Gino is determined to plunge them into the real Italy and embrace their heritage as he leads them on a series of surprising trips that bring them closer to each other and to the wonderful food he loves.

The show is Series Produced and Directed by Ed St Giles and Executive Producers are Tom Willis Lisa Edwards and Gordon Ramsay.

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