The Boys are Back with new ITV Series: Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip

Based on the success and tremendous feedback from their Studio Ramsay produced ITV Christmas Special, Gordon, Gino and Fred's Great Christmas Roast, the trio has reunited for a new series premiering this Autumn: Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip. Premiering on October 11th, the guys are packing up a camper van to head to the three places they know best: their home countries!

The three-part series begins in Italy as Gordon and Fred join forces to help Gino put on a sumptuous feast for a very unique wedding blessing on the beach. In France the threesome will help deliver the first oyster festival. The Scottish leg of the journey will see them taking part in some highland fun and games. This is food on tour like never before, but will it be a case of too many cooks?